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Jiangsu Furen group mid-2019 economic analysis meeting held smoothly

Focusing on the company's basic operating conditions, we will carry out the transformation and upgrading of "digital wealth". Jiangsu furen group held a successful economic analysis meeting in the middle of 2019. Mr. Yuan renwei, chairman of the group, Mr. Yuan junwei, vice President of the group, Ms. Wu, Vice President of the group, the general managers of the subsidiaries and the finance department of the group attended the meeting. This meeting is means into four agendas: Green intelligent power sector, energy terminal service sector, intelligent manufacturing sector and group meeting. The general manager and financial sponsor of the each subsidiary summarized and analyzed the production and operation work in the first half of the year, focused on the overall situation, Detailed the plan for the next stage of work. On July 16, the group meeting was held in Sapporo, Japan. The meeting held a heated discussion On the "core competitiveness of the enterprise", Aiming at grasping the strategic direction of the group, clarifying the development direction, unifying the thought, realizing the matching of the resources and development, Accelerating the self - driven management, Enhancing the core competitiveness and forming a mighty force for development. The Chairman yuan made a profound analysis of the economic operation in the first half of the year and prospectively pointed Out of the focus of the next stage based on the industry environment: A bear, competitiveness, improve the risk prevention and control ability in environmental protection, safety production management, project implementation, collect debt to follow the second, Unified thought, adjust measures to local conditions, seeking opportunities, enhance management consciousness to confirm their own living space, Striking the right balance between enterprise and customer three, break through the bottleneck, realize the "digital rich benevolence" new development -based on the time and resources. New development with quantitative data supplied by siyuan, ditto as a major. Under the group's strong support, waterfront develop core business development space, To form more reasonable business portfolio, more outstanding advantages, the development of domestic produce synergies, shows that the comprehensive strength of the pre - emptive, Accelerate the pace of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, constantly enhancing the foundation of "digital rich benevolence", "high quality development.


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